by Krista and Hayle

Limited Government-

Citizens and powerful leaders must obey the law. The Constitution says that the powers are denied to the Congress. We use Limited Government by impeaching leaders and putting people in jail or giving fines.


Republicanism is based on the belief that people exersize their power by voting for their politicial representation. In the Constitution it says every state has to have a "republican form" of gorvernment. People use republicanism today by voting.

Seperation of Powers-

Division of basic government roles into brances. The Constitution details how each of the powers are split. Today we still use the tree branches Legislature Branch, Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty is government in which people rule. In the constitution is says that a broader range of Americans shared in the power to govern themselves. We govern ourselves by

Checks & Balances

Each branch of government can exersize checks, orcontrols over the branches. The constitution helps make sure the branches work together fairly. We use Checks and Balances today, by not overruling another branch.

Individual Rights

Personal liberties and priveleges are our Individual Rights. The Constition sheilds people from an overly powerful government. We have Individual Rights today so that were not ruled by a dictator and don't have rights.