Shelter On A Deserted Island

How To Obtain Shelter On A Deserted Tropical Island

Before Building Your Shelter

Don't waste your energy or wear yourself out by looking for a permanent location. Just make sure you find A location, and materials you need to temporarily stay safe from the dangers that may lurk on the island. Depending on the shelter you want, it may or may not need to be very particular of certain supplies you need, so just in case, gather up all the supplies you can find and try to use all of them to your advantage in helping create your safe shelter.

Gathering Your Materials

First, find branches in the shape of the letter "Y"

Second, find a long limb of a branch, but isn't too heavy.

Third, you will need to find some more long branches, ones lighter than the limb.

Fourth. You will now need vine

Fifth, you will need to gather leaves, boughs, palm tree fronds, and items very similar to those.

Building Your Shelter

  • First, take the "Y" branches, and stick them into the ground pretty deep. Make sure that the branches are about 5 to 6 feet away from each other.

  • Place the limb branch across the two "Y" branches, make sure it is on both.

  • Now that you have the frame of your house, you will take the long branches and rest them on the limb that goes across on either side.

  • Use the vine you have found as a rope to actively tie down your shelter and keep everything together.

  • Use the leaves, boughs, palm tree fronds, and the other similar items to cover your fort for more protection.

  • Lastly, take more leaves and fronds from the trees to make a relatively more comfortable floor than just rather sitting on the ground.