Ovarian Cancer

Zoe and Katie

Definition of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is a cancer that occurs in the ovaries and is created by cells dividing and multiplying uncontrollably, creating tumors.

Figure 1. Ovarian cancer overview (Rastegari)

Symptoms and how it impacts people

There are many warning signs of ovarian cancer. These symptoms in figure 2 are present if the illness has expanded into other parts of the body.

Figure 2. Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer (American Cancer Society “Ovarian Cancer”)

How to prevent ovarian cancer

How is ovarian cancer diagnosed?

what are some possible causes of this cancer?

The cause of ovarian cancer is unknown, however there are things that can increase your chance of developing ovarian cancer

  • some factor are:

    • age, more than half the ovarian cancer diagnoses are after age 65

    • race, this case is more common in white women compared to black women

    • high-fat diet, for instance, asian women can develop a high-fat diet by moving to affluent western countries

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figure 4. Ovarian cancer cells (Awareness)

What happens at the cellular and molecular level?

Ovarian cancer is caused when cells multiply and divide uncontrollably.

  • Sometimes, a person’s body can not get rid of old cells but still creates new cells

  • A tumor is created when there are too many cells because body can not get rid of the old cells. In this case, in the ovaries

  • Two types of tumors can form, Benign and Malignant. Benign is non cancerous Malignant is cancerous

  • Both tumors can be removed but malignant tumors can grow back and spread, which is called metastasis

  • when tumors grow back and/or spread, a patients chance of recovering decreases

    above we have a photo of ovarian cancer cells


Treatments for ovarian cancer will differ from patient to patient

  • In most cases, surgery will be required to remove the tumor(s)

  • After surgery, the patient will go through chemotherapy and/or radiation

  • A patients can also do alternative therapies like yoga, maintaining a healthy diet, and acupuncture

figure 5. Ovarian cancer color (Israeli)



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