September 2015

Ms. Cypher's Fourth Grade Class

Upcoming Events

September 7- Labor Day

September 12- Carly's Birthday!

September 11 or 14- Grandparents Lunch

September 16- Early Release @ noon

September 17- Kaylee's Birthday!

September 25- School Store

Learning Targets

Students can...

-solve multiplication problems using different models

-identify different properties of matter, including particle size, mass, and volume

-use every day objects as seed ideas for writing

-determine their reading level and create reading goals

-identify different regions in Texas

-notice words with long vowel sounds usually have 2 vowels (ex: boat, maid, cake)

Super Improvers!

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Talking Points for the Dinner Table

What is an example of a silent letter?

What are the different regions of Texas?

What is a factor?

What is a multiple?

How do you determine the volume of an object?

Why do writers write?