St. Michaels Middle/High School

June Newsletter

SMMHS Families,

We have almost made it to the end of the 2021-2022 school year! Congratulations to the class of 2022, who we celebrated last evening. We wish them well on their future endeavors.

Reminder- School is in session until June 10th. Attendance is still being monitored, so please make sure you are sending in notes if your student is absent. You can email all notes to Ms.

Please remember June 8th, 9th and 10th are all 1/2 days of school. There is no cross campus on 1/2 days of school. Students who attend EHS for periods 1-3 do not need to report to SM on 1/2 days until their classes begin for 4th and 5th period.

We will have an adjusted bell schedule on June 7th and 8th due to final exams for high school students. Final exams are 20% of students overall grade for the course. All students will be following the bell schedule listed below for June 7th and 8th. Report cards will be emailed out on Tuesday, June 14th.

JUNE 7th- last full day of school

PERIOD 1- 7:45-9:15- FINAL EXAM

PERIOD 2-9:18-10:48- FINAL EXAM

HIGH SCHOOL LUNCH- 10:50-11:20

PERIOD 3- 11:23-12:53-FINAL EXAM



PERIOD 4-12:56-1:46

PERIOD 5-1:48-2:40

JUNE 8th (no periods 1 and 2)- 1/2 day

PERIOD 4- 7:45-9:15- FINAL EXAM

PERIOD 5- 9:18-10:48- FINAL EXAM

PERIOD 3- 10:48-11:10- High school


HIGH SCHOOL LUNCH- 11:10-11:30

MIDDLE SCHOOL class-11:10-11:30

JUNE 9th and 10th we will follow our regular early dismissal schedule.

Period 1- 7:45-8:27

Period 2- 8:29-9:06

Period 3- 9:08-9:45

Period 4-9:47-10:22

Middle school lunch- 10:24-10:54

Period 5- high school- 10:24-11:00

Period 5- middle school 10:56-11:30

High school lunch- 11:00-11:30

June 10th- 8th grade awards and celebration- We will have an awards ceremony in the auditorium beginning at 8:15. You do not need a ticket to attend. Please enter the back doors by the auditorium. After the awards ceremony, students will walk to the pool for a celebration. Please reach out to Mrs. Kerr if you are interested in helping with this event.

Laptops/iPad collection- All laptops/iPads, chargers and carrying cases must be turned in before students leave for the summer. Laptops/iPads will be collected on the last few days of school. If your student is NOT going to be here, PLEASE make sure they turn their device, charger and carrying case in on their last day. All devices should be turned in to Mr. Legg. If devices and chargers do not get turned in, you will be billed for what is missing.

Library Books/textbooks- Please remind students to turn in all library books and/or textbooks before the end of the year.

Proof of Residency-All incoming 6th and 9th graders MUST turn in new proof of residency for next school year. Please contact Mrs. Kerr if you have any questions about this process.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer break. We look forward to seeing everyone in August.

Mrs. Vener


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