Help Yourself Live A HEALTHY LIFE


Water is very healthy for you, most humans need an average of 8 cups a day. It will help you live a healthy life. Every body cell, tissue, and organ need water to function. It plays a role to digest food, and it`s in our tears and saliva. Just 2% of dehydration could cause death. Most other drinks will include water, but it`s not as beneficial as sole water. Two foods that will have a lot of water in them are watermelon and cucumbers. Water has its own food group at the very bottom of the food pyramid. With so little or no water in the body, the body can`t function and you will get dehydration, in just three days, you will feel pain, get dehydrated and die. It is almost hard to drink too much water, because you won`t feel thirsty when your body is full of water, and you would not be able to drink anymore, and your kidneys will remove all the excess water from your body. Good things that will happen if you drink enough water is that all your body organs will stay healthy and function properly. The chances of getting sick will be reduced, because all the organs in your body are healthy and taking care of keeping you safe.

There are many kinds of water out there like distilled water, spring water, hard, boiled, raw, rain, filtered, etc. But, one of the best kinds of water to drink is well water because it comes directly from underground, and the chances that it's bad or contaminate anything like virus or bacteria are very rare. One other reason is that because it contains all the benefits, since it's original water.

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