Give Us Better Technology

We want better technology to use for school

The Tech is OUT OF DATE

One High-schooler said that he found the tablet he has on Ebay for $50. This shows that our school tech is getting out dated quickly.

Tablets have problems often

Often people have to go to the tablet room, or restart their tablets just to get them to work.

This is a tablet that was broken by just putting it on the ground

The owner of this tablet just put his tablet lightly on the ground and he heard a crack, and his tablet had cracked. We propose the school get us better protected tablets/computers or get us cases to protect our tablets.
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Cost WAY too much to get chargers or new tablets

With insurance one tablet replacement is $50! Without it cost $90! That is just outrageous. Chargers alone cost $50.

NISD, We want Better technology!!!!!