Open House!

at the North Pole

Come to the Open House!

Come to the north pole ad see Santa clause and the elves. This is a one in a life time chance! There will be games and toys for children and other assortments.


Thursday, Dec. 25th, 5-9:30pm

North Pole


  1. 5:00-The first half hour will be waiting for every one to arrive. there will be a dessert table while you are waiting.
  2. 5:30-We will watch a movie.
  3. 7:00-Play games and mingle.
  4. 8:00-everyone will have a chance to meet Santa clause.
  5. 8:30-Christmas carols.
  6. 9:00-Present will be passed out to every one.
  7. 9:30-Every one will prepare to be leaving and saying good byes.
Minions Singing Jingle Bell - Merry Christmas 2014