Anything but Typical

by Nora Raleigh Baskin


Jason Blake is an autistic 12 year old boy. Jason comes from a supportive and loving family but those are the only people that he has in his life. Jason is alone most of the time and he doesn't have any friends outside of school. He has a better understanding of what it is like to have a friend when he meets when he meerkats phonix bird on the website. They both meet online and become friends. She could be Jason's first real friend. Jason wants to meet her. He is also afraid she will only see his autism and not see his real personality. This story is for anyone who has ever worried about fitting in. It is also for anyone who has felt nervous that that might be rejected by somebody.

Character Analysis

Jason is brave. Jason goes to the convention even though Rebecca was going to be there. He didn't want to go but he did anyway and he was confident. Jason didn't want to disappoint his parents so he went. Once he got there he noticed something about Rebecca. He didn't realize that his friend was blind. The reason Jason didn't want to go is because he could lose his only friend. Jason is creative because he writes his own stories. (31) Jason doesn't like loud noises, rides or crowds (75) Jason gets bullied because he is different from everybody else. (178)


This is a great book for 9 year olds and up. I recommend this book because he shows how an autistic kid stuggles but finds a way to overcome his fears and insecurities. this book also shows that he's different from everybody but he is worthy of another person's friendship.


The theme of "Anything but Typical" is about a 12 year old autistic boy named Jason who lives with his parents and his brother. Jason struggles with his identity because he is autistic and feels different than his peers. He doesn't really fit in so he doesn't have any friends. He ends up meeting his only friend Rebecca online. While they chat online be never mentions to her that he is autistic. Jason cherishes their friendship and is afraid it will be ruined if she knows about his autism. Jason doesn't realize that Rebecca is also disabled. She is blind and cannot see him anyway. During a writer's convention they happen to be signing in at the same time and Jason realized that his good friend was blind. He was no longer nervous about meeting her in person. Then he felt more comfortable being her friend.


He lives in Connecticut in a house with his family. When he is at his house he feels secure because he is with his family. His family cares about him. When he goes to a regular public school, Jason feels insecure about himself. He doesn't fit in because he is different from everyone else. He is autistic and almost all of the other children in the school are not. At the convention he feels uncomfortable when he finds out that Rebecca is there. He is happy when he realizes she will still be friends with him. They both have a disability. So he feels similar to someone his own age.