Goosebumps Horrorland

by R.L.Stine


Matt, Livvie, Bradley
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Bradley keeps ordering rip off stuff online and got a rock"from Venus" and chucks it at a stop sign. But it hits the teachers car, then Bradley says Matt threw it then cheats off of Matt's test.

Bradley uses matts computer to order monster blood. But Matt's sister finds it and puts it in Bradleys cereal. Bradley sees her put it in there and switches bowls with Matt. Matt eats the cereal and the Monster blood with it.

Bradley tells Matt about the bowl switching and Matt felt like an idiot for not thinking about the Monster blood that morning. Matt starts to grow and tells bradley to find the antidote. There is no antidote but luckily it was just a 12-hour sample of Monster blood.


Don't trust everyone


Bradley keeps doing terrible things and blaming it on Matt