West Highland White Terriers.!!!

West Highland white terrier’s are commonly known as the Westies or (Westy). White Terrier’s origin from Scotland. Westies are a kind of dog breed that all West Highland White Terriers are breaded from.

About White Terriers

The tail must be like a carrot, thick at the base and smaller toward the tail end. The position of the tail should be straight up, tail should not exceed the height of the head. The tail should not be curved into or falling backwards. Westie has deep chest and back ribs, with the back straight and the hind legs are strong, muscular legs. Nice step swing, not widened with a nice back elbow, short and parallel when viewed from behind. Thus showing a perfect combination of strength and activity. weak Back elbow, too long and not good swing move was a mistake. Hind feet smaller than the front legs

Fun To Be Around

They are very playful little dogs. It is good for them to be around little kids. I can withstay any harst play from the kids. They make good house pets and outside pets.