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"Oh! The Places We'll Go!"

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WHAT'S NEW? (November 7, 2014)

Hi Parents,

We had a great time on our field trip to The Shedd Aquarium! We got to see the 4-D show, the dolphin and Beluga whale show, learned about the Amazon Rainforest by conducting an experiment in a classroom, and we even had time to look around the aquarium and explore other exhibits. If you have not been to the Shedd in a few years, there are new and exciting exhibits you would enjoy. Don't miss the Jellies! A big thank you to Mrs. Speed and Mr. Kenny for joining us!

Just a reminder that next Tuesday, November 11, we are off school for Veteran's Day. There is a Veteran's Day Ceremony at the NBJH at 10:30, if you are interested in attending something to honor our veterans. The NBJH Wind Ensemble will be performing patriotic selections at the ceremony. Feel free to spread the word about this special event to family and friends and to any veterans you may know.

Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza


The students continued to work on adding and subtracting unlike fractions with unlike denominators. They also expressed fractions, division expressions, and mixed numbers as decimals.

Ask you child how to turn a fraction to a decimal.
(Hint to jog their memory? What does Mr. Duey say?)

Here is a quote from a 5th grade math student this week: "Let's do math on the bus tomorrow when we go on our field trip." I've never heard that one before!!

Writer's Workshop

This week in writing, the students worked on descriptive writing. They brainstormed words that may be heard in a fashion show. Words such as: blue sequins, silky, graceful, stunning, gliding, sashaying, etc. )
They decorated ("dressed") a turkey and used their outfit to craft a descriptive paragraph.

Reader's Workshop

We learned about a new signpost, "Again and Again". This is a part in a book when the author repeats a word, phrase, or situation.

When a reader identifies this, he should ask the question, "Why does this keep showing up again and again?"
The answers will tell us about the theme and conflict or it might be foreshadowing what will happen later. It could also be symbolic.

We used an excerpt from the book, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen to help us identify this signpost.

Next week we will be discussing our last sign post in fiction: "Memory Moment"
Notice and Note - Again and Again


This week in our Ecology unit, the students read National Geographic books and learned vocabulary words such as; abiotic, biotic, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, decomposer, etc. They learned about a food and energy pyramid and how each animal plays an important role. They started to create their own energy pyramid using animals from our area. We used Close Reading of the text and learned the importance of rereading nonfiction texts to find answers to questions.

In science lab, the students conducted an activity to show that nonrenewable resources will be used up, and that conservation together with the development of renewable resources can extend the availability of nonrenewables. They used black and white colored beans for this simulation. This activity showed the conditions that affect the depletion of nonrenewable resources.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Monday, November 10th
  • PTO Meeting 8:45-9:45

  • Tuesday, November 11th
  • No School Veteran's Day

  • Thursday, November 13th
  • Picture Retake Day

  • Friday, November 14th
  • Spirit Lunch

Ask Your Child About.....

* Our field trip
* Mrs. Bentley
* Songs for the Winter Sing
* The Mentor Sentence this week
* Type to Learn
* Our SIGNED copy of Wonder (Thanks, Dr. Horvath!)


Lesson 5
The Beluga and Dolphin Show Finale

Click here to see the last few seconds of the show.