Unit Two

CM 107 - Welcome to Unit Two!

Welcome to Unit Two!

Thanks, everyone, for your hard work in Unit 1. Thanks for completing your Learning Activities and for being engaged and active in the Discussion Board, and for submitting your Unit 1 Journal. Remember that the more you put into the course, the more you get out of it.

Unit One Grading Information

I know you are itching for the grades. Those will post no later than Sunday midnight. You will see the grades trickle in. Grading does take me a while and it is impossible to grade all of the assignments at once. I will have your Unit 1 grades posted no later than the end of this coming Sunday, and I will post an announcement when grades are ready for you to view. To review my feedback on an assignment, simply click the grade number (e.g., 10 / 10) in the gradebook.

Unit Two Overview

This week we will continue to discuss what exactly effective writing is and begin exploring ways that you can become an even stronger writer than you currently are. We will specifically focus on how developing your reading comprehension skills will help you improve your writing skills.

You will complete reading and Learning Activity assignments that focus on building these important skills that will help you succeed in all realms of your life. In addition, you will continue to gain beneficial writing practice in the Discussion Board assignment and attend seminar. All of this will help build your foundation for future success!

Unit Two Assignments

  1. Complete the Learning Activities.
  2. Complete the quiz and remember, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to (but the quiz must be completed during Unit One. It cannot be made up.
  3. Participate in the Discussion Board.
    • Post your main post. Here is a worksheet to help you.
    • Respond to three or more classmates to exceed expectations.
    • Make sure to review the sample discussion board post located in the actual discussion board.
  4. Attend the live seminar. We will have fun, discuss reading comprehension and strategies, practice the unit two assignment in action, and review the unit two assignment.
  5. Complete the Unit Two Assignment. Here is a worksheet to help you with this.

Let's make it a great week!

I look forward to reading your thoughts in our Discussion Board and seeing you in seminar!