Dragonfly Newsletter

May 2016

We have been busy...

April was such a fun month! Don't forget to look up and watch your feet in the Dragonfly room. We have helicopters and planes flying high and cardboard cars, garbage trucks and airplanes driving or flying around. We loved to drive to work, school and Puerto Rico! Our whole group helped Arthur get ready for his trip to Puerto Rico. The most exciting day was the SKYPE call with Arthur and him Mom in Puerto Rico!

Wiggle Room... have you peeked in the Wiggle Room recently (Blue Room)? Their little footprints are becoming part of their landscape as animals, cars and more. It is a wonderful room for out littlest friends.

Time to PLAY in May

FLY, CRASH, ZOOM, LIFT, SHOVEL & DUMP... we will continue to drive and fly. We will introduce rescue and construction vehicles!

Marvelous, Outstanding, Miraculous MOM!!! Of course, we will celebrate our wonderful Moms with some planting and discussing how things grow. We will explore how there are little, furry baby animals too.

Don't forget we will start our vegetable garden. Any seeds or planting supplies welcome!

(Now if we could only grow grass outside!)

HOLA to our new friends Faith (Julianne's baby sister) and Ellie (Landon's baby sister). We are so excite to watch the next group explore and learn.

ADIOS to Arthur and Sam as them move up to the Monkey Room. The best part about Little Buddies is we still all visit one another at any age!


Miss Steph is continuing to work on colors and meal signs this month.
EAT: American Sign Language for EAT

NEW RULE... Sign in Sheet

There is a new format on the sign in sheets. You must initial when you drop off and pick up. Any questions, just ask!

South Berwick Library Celebration

Wednesday, May 25th, 5-6:30pm

27 Young Street

South Berwick, ME

Don't forget to come celebrate with Ms Trudy and the LB team out love of books, reading and writing! We will be there visiting and reading stories with the children. Fruit will be provided.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.