Real Life Mammoths!

Aracely Mata May 2,2016

Breaking News!

In the spring of 1978, Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin were searching for ancient objects nearby the Bosque River. While searching for objects they stumbled across a object sticking out the ground. Not knowing what it was, they took it to Baylor University's Strecker Museum for classification. The museum classified the bone as a femur bone from a Columbian mammoth.

In 1978 and 1990, fossils of 16 Columbian mammoths were unearthed. The work force from the museum also unearthed a nursery herd that looks like it died together in a event. 1990 and 1997, six more mammoths were found, including a male mammoth. Ever since the unveiled of this mammoths, students and the museum team kept on studying these bones to discovered more about their behavior and how they died. Still today, people still don't know how these animals died, its still a mystery.

Effects on the ecosystem

Mammoths really cause a huge impact on the ecosystem because they made other animals that feed on them, get extinct. For example, the dire wolf were big and strong, they were meant to hunt on these animals. When the Ice age ended and there were no more mammoths for theses animals to hunt on, so theses animals also went extinct too.

Also these animals turned the land where they lived in, into a grassland. When mammoths were near trees, they would always knock it down. The trees to the mammoths are no use because they can't eat the trees and use the shade. The hair on top of the head is like a hat to the mammoths. The hairs on the head would help them block the sun, using it as shades. WIth this change too, they change the landscape to the way they wanted it. Changing it into a prairie, would also fit their diet on how much they eat and drink. They could turn it into a grassland if they wanted too. Not all animals could have done that!

Religious Reactions

In all religions, every church has a different Story of Noah to tell about in Church. In every meeting that the church would have, they would sometimes explain an animal that isn't explained in the story of creation. They would say that every animal on earth was on Noah’s Ark. Saying where you can find it on the bible, which verse, and would sometimes explain what that verse means.

Though in the stories of creation in foreign countries, they are all different. People in the different counties would explain their story of creation differently, than others would. They would believe in different things about the stories. Though everyone has different stories of creation and beliefs.


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