Adriatic Riviera

Emilia Romagna is a province in Italy.

Emilia Romagna is a province in Italy and Adriatic Riviera lies nearby to it.

The area is characterized by its flat coastline which is occasionally sandy too in some regions. Many roman relics, medieval towns and castles are found in Adriatic Riviera. The land is situated near Rimini and it is known for its good and wholesome foods. Restaurants are dotted all throughout the land and many even are present in the countryside. Red wine is famous in these parts than the white wine. And foods include pasta and pizzas. Since the region is near the sea, sea foods are also considered as delicacies. The site also boasts of good night life with night clubs with international presence in the region.

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Actually according to rumors among tourists the place has one of the best night clubs. Good value for their hard earned money can be obtained in the near by shops while shopping. Bargaining is also advised for the products as most of them can be purchased for a fraction of their cost. One of the taunting features of the land is pickpockets. The area is known for its versatile pickpockets too. If u finds one or two of your valuable stuffs missing, now u knows at least where they went. San Mario is another place that should not be missed while visiting Adriatic Riviera. In here too bargaining plays wonders on the shops.

Seasonal events are conducted on regular basis and more information about them can be obtained from the tourism offices brochures or from the respective tour operators. Some of the cities worth mentioning are Rimini, Cavtat and Sirmione. Subtropical vegetation is the hallmark of Cavtat which resides in Zupska Bay. Beaches, hotels which are plainly luxurious, camps can be found in the city. Rimini boasts of a 10 mile beach which is frequented by regulars every year. The city also offers various events exclusively for children, so don’t think twice before taking them to Rimini, as they won’t get bored that easily. Sirmione is another city which is precisely situated about 60 minutes drive from the airport. This place was fabled to be another Roman Spa. One of the oddities of the land is that it is a car free place. This is due to the narrowness of the land at specific places. The Scaligeri Castle which was built around the 15th century is another sight which should not be missed.

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