Shelby and Lizzy's Flip Flyer

come join shelby and lizzy's gymnastics club

What Is Gymnastics????

Gymnastics is an exercise for flexible and nonflexible people. Gymnastics is usually to help people increase there strength in there muscles. You don't have to be flexible; gymnastics requires a strong core and great awareness of how the body moves! Contact me and Lizzy to learn more...!

Time and Place

You can come do flips and gain your strength with Lizzy and Me at Tall Timbers Gymnastics at any day of the week just contact a coach and they will have you started in no time. WAIT , the first class is FREE!!!!!! Tall Timbers Gymnastics is located in Lufkin ,Texas behind the train tracks and Whataburger!!call them for direct address!


Most people do gymnastics to find out what their body is capable of, Whether its testing there flexibility or just doing it for fun!

gymnastics buddies!!!

to Lizzy and Me it is better to have a friend with you in gymnastics because they can help you improve and help you increase your confidence.
Shelby & Lizzy Gymnastics
Shelby & Lizzy Gymnastics 2