Ozarks Technical Community Collage

Table Rock campus

Degree For Law enforcement officer

  • Associate Degree In Criminal Justice (A.A)

What School Best suits me?

Ozarks Technical Community Collage

School INFO

  • The school has a Associate Degree in Criminal Justice.
  • It is location is in Springfield Missouri.
  • $15 Per Credit Hour .
  • A.A Degree is 62 Credit hours.
  • Weather is humid and hot in summer.
  • Weather is very cold and has a chance of ice storms in winter.
  • Weather is very rainy and has thunder and lighting storms in the spring.
  • The cost of living in Missouri is much lower then Oregon.
  • The cost of just tuition for my degree is going to be about $20,026.

Fun Activites

  • Dickson's park Zoo
  • White Water Branson
  • Mediacom Ice Park
  • Show boats Branson Bella
  • Fantastic caverns


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