The Haitian Revolution

And how it all went down.

"It is my duty to render to the French Government an exact account of my conduct. I shall relate the facts with all the simplicity and frankness of an old soldier, adding to them the reflections that naturally suggest themselves. In short, I shall tell the truth, though it be against myself." (François-Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture)

Who revolted?

Well, Haitian and other slaves were starting to get tired of their racist society, and wanted change. So they started a revolution of their own.

Why did the Haitians revolt?

The Haitian and other slaves were tired of their racist society, and a law that was passed down, that if a slave had enough money he/she could buy their freedom. And some Haiti's European populathion refused to comply with this law. Thus starting the revolution.

How did they orginise?

Soon after the revolution started isolated fighting broke out across Haiti. Also later into the conflict a french general named Léger Félicité Sonthonax offered freedom to any slave that wanted to join his army, and he soon abolished slavery altogether.

How did the people overthrow the government

One big thing is they abolished slavery with the help of the french general. With the controlled fighting, later Spain ceded the rest of the island to France in the Treaty of Basel.

How did the government respond?

They did attempt to control this outbreak.

How was the government the same or different after

The government of Spain lost Haiti to France. And the slaves were free.