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The Passionate Pursuit of Steel

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Bessemer's Steel Co. is located in the United Kingdom. We are famous for our mass production of steel at a low cost by using the Bessemer Process (see bellow). Our steel is commonly used for railway building, gun making, bridges, and buildings (construction). Steel comes at a very affordable price at just €25 per tonne and comes in all different shapes, sizes, and the most durable product you can find. Also, come visit the warehouse located in the United Kingdom.

Bessemers Process

The Bessemer Process was created by Henry Bessemer, a steel manufacturer. The Bessemer process was created to produce large amounts of steel at a low cost. The Bessemer Process worked by blowing large volumes of oxygen through pig iron. Oxygen in the air combined with carbon and other impurities in the iron to generate great heat while refining the iron into steel. This invention had a great positive affect on railroad builders, gun makers, ship builders, and construction workers/companies as it caused a revolution in the construction industry.

Uses of Our Steel

Bessemer's Steel Co.