A Tale of the Flag Bearers


A Raider Story

Once Upon a Time....

There was a School Safety and Security Specialist by the name of Mr. Herritt. He asked his Fairy Good Director to help him find students who could be Knighted with the Flag Bearer Shield. Time passed (well ok two years exactly, but whose counting?) Mr. Herritt was gifted with tremendous patience and resilience, and he never gave up hope. Then it happened, one sunny beautiful day, he was gifted with not one, not two, not three, but four Mini-Courageous Knights! (We are Raiders after all!)

So begins our story: Four super excited 6th graders are up for the task! Although they understand that Mr. Herritt’s Raider shoes could never be completely filled (well mostly because they have tiny feet and are 6th graders). They understand the awesome responsibility they have been bequeathed.

Meet Jose, Franclyn, Willian and Jorje. They were thrilled to be given an opportunity to be the new recruits as Rippon’s Flag Bearers.

Welcome Mini-Raiders to your new post!