Fetty Wap

By Colby Yarbrough & Dalton Wright

His life

He was born June 7th 1991 in Paterson New Jersey. His real name Willie has 2 siblings one brother named Doria and sister Divinity. Willie developed glaucoma in both eyes. He revealed in a 2015 interview that doctors were unable to save his left eye and instead fitted him with an ocular prosthesis. He later took out the fake eye his reasoning " I wanted to be different." He has two kids Aydin at the age of 4 & Zaviera at the age of seven months.

Musical career

wap's first single was released in early 2014 titled "Trap Queen". He recorded the song in February 2014, but it did not start to gain recognition until mid-November 2014, and since then it has become a platinum record and has over 80 million plays on Itunes His next mixtape, Fetty Wap: The Mixtape was originally set for release in February 2015 but was delayed because he continued to create new songs.[10] On June 29, 2015, Wap released his second single "679". The song's accompanying music video premiered on YouTube in May, before being commercially released.
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Again - Fetty Wap (Clean Version)