A Composer With Fire By Ella M.

All About Beethoven

He had a rough childhood. He was born on December 17, 1770 in Germany. He sadly died at the young age of 57 on March 26, 1827 when lightning struck his bedroom. His father was very tough on him and had a drinking problem. He loved music and music allowed him to be happy and let all the troubles of life go away.


When Beethoven was little he had an alcoholic dad. When his dad was in the right mindset he was hard on Beethoven to be the greatest he could be. Later on when he was a young adult he realized he could not hear as well. He still was determined to play music. Eventually he became completely deaf. To help him while making music he had to cut the legs off of his piano and feel/listen to the vibrations.

Where did Beethoven Go?

Beethoven lived in Vienna. He was born there and made many amazing musical pieces. Beethoven lived there with his dad, mom, and six other siblings. Beethoven had and short life in Vienna after he died, but was very productive.
Beethoven's 5th Symphony


This symphony is one of his darker pieces. It has the same rhythm throughout the whole piece. This is now a famous piece that lots of people have heard.


Beethoven had many other pieces. Symphony number 3 was called Eroica which was a softer piece and reminded me of spring. Another symphony was Choral which was his 9th symphony. Choral had the orchestra, chorus, and solos by amazing singers.


His father Johann taught the children of nobility music. Beethoven also had a big family. Only 3 out of 7 kids in his family survived to adulthood. His childhood was not all that great, living with 8 other people.