By Mackenzie

Grizzly bears

Do bears only eat honey?

No,bears don't just eat honey.They eat other stuff too.Although they do eat honey,They also eat rodents,fruits,vegtables,and other living things.When there in hibernation they have to be fat to survive.But they also eat insects like moths.though they also eat fish and worms.So being fat means healthy,remeber bears eat more than you think.

Where do bears live?

Bears live in many places,Maybe more than you think,but they have to have somewhere to live.They live in Canda,Alaska,Idaho,Montana,Washington,and Wyoming.They need these places for food,water,hibernation,protection.Although bears do get hunted just because there scary and for meat.They're maybe somewhere near where you live,but they need shelter too.bears are maybe more scared than you than to us.

What are the body facts of bears?

Well what were foucing on is fur,teeth,head,and paws.Although their fur is supposed to keep them warm.It helps with protection.Their fur helps them blend in with sourndings.So you blend into help get away from enemies.Also it helps them catch preaders to eat.Next is teeth bears have 42 teeth in all,but the teeth helps them eat many things.Thier head size is 30-40 cm it's pretty small.Last but not least is paws.Their paws are 5-12 cm long.their paws are really small,almost the size of my palm.there is more body facts but these are the ones i'm talking about.

Intersting facts of bears

since bears are mammles they are warm blooed.So that means their blood is warm ,so what helps that is their fur.Next female bears,Female bears only have their babies in the winter.The babies will snuggle with their mom making them warm.Now this is the oldest bear that ever lived.He was 35 years old and regular bears only live 25 years,but he lived in Alaksa,how cool is that.