Stranded Author Jeff Probst

By: Akira Johnson 3 Block


On a trip,4 kids alone on a ship and on a deserted island in July . The kids have to go with their differences with each other.Finding water to survive in the wild. They contact their family and the coast guard,but loss contact.


There is are four kids stranded on a island. With no adults.These four kids are Vanessa Diaz, 13;Benjamin Diaz,11; Carter Benson,11; and Jane Benson,9. They will face different challenges to survive.

Rising Action

  • 1.They woke up in a middle of a storm with a wrecked ship.
  • 2. They contact their parents and the life guard,but they loss contract.
  • 3. Carter and Vanessa went for a trip to find some water and found nothing.


They got to know each other better, But a storm puts them in a big mess.

Falling Action

  • They found good food to eat.
  • A bad storm came and tworek the ship.
  • They had to find a new place to stay at.

The Resolution

At end of the story the kids woke up in a storm.The ship was tworek a into prices. Now the kids must find a new place to stay.
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The Character Traits

The Character is Vanessa

  1. Brave:She was not afraid of the storm are the deserted island.
  2. Helpful:She made sure that everyone stick together.
  3. Appearance:Long brown,green eyes, and tall.