Barack Obama, War on Terror

By: Kyle Epperson

5 Facts About Obama in the War on Terror

5 Facts

  • Barack Obama was the first black president
  • Barack Obama had many speeches about the war on terror
  • He talked about finishing the war with Al Qaida
  • Sent in troops to take down Osama Bin Ladin
  • Barack Obama took many troops out of foreign soil during the war on terror

2 Paragraphs, 4 connections

Barack Obama is a president that is against terrorism and has formed the 'war on terror' to combat it. One of the targets for this association is Al Qaida, a terrorist group in the middle east. Along with that Barack Obama has also recently stepped up forces to take down ISIS. This includes forces to combat ISIS as well as prevention of people joining ISIS from the US and other countries.

Barack Obama along with his 'War on Terror' idea took down Saddam Hussein in his efforts to stop terrorism. Some other things that has gone on during his presidency would also include Guantanamo Bay. At Guantanamo Bay Barack Obama formed a prison camp for terrorist that have been seen as a massive threat to US Security.