Hernan Cortes

Spanish Conquistador


  • He was a Roman Catholic (like most europians at the time).
  • He studdied law at a university in spain.
  • He was poor growing up.
  • His body is barried in Church of Jesus of Naserise in Mexico City.

Achievements of Hernan Cortes

  • Conquard Mexico.
  • Enslaved Aztecs.
  • Discoverd california.
  • Explored Cuba.
  • Became Govoner of Mexico after he took over.

Impact on today

Hernan Cortes was a verry acomplished man. He conquerd the Aztects changing Mexican historey forever. If Cortes did not conquer Mexico they would not be speaking spanish. The Aztecs might also still be around today.He was also govoner of mexico. He also made Christianity a mexican religon. There is a statue of him in Medellin, Spain. He is the most famous spanish conquer. He also was one of the first to go to America He brought back tails of this "wonderful new land".
Hernán Cortés - Mini Biography

Interesting facts

  • Cortes Was Nicknamed the barbarian.
  • Cortes's Troops used Roman battle tacticts.
  • Cotes's Troops Killed everything women and chilldren.
  • Cortes Scuddled cuban ships to prevent them from leaving mexico.