About Me

By: Manav Mehta


- My name is Manav Mehta i was born on May 9th, 2000

- I am a Canadian citizen because i was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and have stayed here my entire life

- I am Indian, Punjabi because my parents were born and raised in Punjab, India

- Everyone in my family are Canadian citizens

- My parents came to Canada almost 30 years ago from India because they wanted to have a better and more sustainable living, they wanted their kids to have a better future and have a good education for them to become successful and have a great living

- They picked to come to Canada because it is a very peaceful, war free and democratic country welcoming immigrants

Family & Friends

- My family and friends are very helpful and supportive they helped me and influenced me in many good ways that helped me become a better person and have good guild lines.

-My family helped and influenced me in many ways, since i have been very young they have always shown me the right ways and have guided me in the right pathway where i can be successful if i ever need help or advice i can rely on them for help. if i ever make a decision i have full support of them. they are very good influence and support

-My friend are very good influences, they are people who will help you if you need help and they can also give you solutions to problems if required, they are good influences because they lead you into good things not bad problems or addictions that some people get stuck in these are some of the reasons why my friends and family are good influences.

True Colour's Statistics

- After i took the true colour's test to find out my personality and understand myself better, the result displayed that my answers attributes matched mostly with the colour gold therefore the test stated that i am dependable, organized, stable and concerned

**Gold= 15 Points: Dependable, organized, stable, concerned**

Green= 9 Points: Analytical, calm, cool, investigative, logical

Orange= 9 Points: Witty, Spontaneous, generous, eager

Blue= 10 Points: Authentic, enthusiastic, compassionate, sincere

-These were the final results after i took the True Colour's personality test

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- I have many interests and things that i like to do some include playing sports, architectural things and having fun

- Basketball is one the the many interests that i have, i like to play basketball in my free time and playing with friends, i have been playing basketball since i was 6 years old i have competed in many tournaments and have played for a team

-Construction is another thing that really interests me because i like building things from wood and other materials i have helped build many things at home and like it as a hobby. I have also took a construction course outside of school and home that helped me create and build new things.

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  1. MONEY
  3. POWER

After i took the work values test to find out which values matter the most to me i found out that these 5 values above are the most importent would find me the most satisfying and rewarding job and that these characteristics would really matter to me in a work situation.

Learning Styles

- I took the Learning styles Test to determine and find out my type of learning styles in which i learn the best and after i took the test i found out that my dominant type of learning styles were mostly in the right of the chart that determined many things like I jump to writing right away, I can read very well and the word pop out to me also I would prefer face to face talk rather than through a phone

Multiple Intelligence's Statistics

Picture Smart: 19/50

Body Smart: 28/50

Music Smart: 18/50

Nature Smart: 25/50

Word Smart: 20/50

Number Smart: 18/50

-After i took the multiple intelligence test on how smart i am i found out that the higest points that i scored were in body smarts i got 28 out of 50 and that displayed that i excel in sports, tend to fidgit, show skills in crafts and am well cordinated ect.