Come on out and settle in Texas

By : Martin Aguado

Sandy Cheeks- Texas Song

Reasons to come on out and settle in Texas might find some Gold

2.REALLY cheap land its almost free

3. you can bring your slaves

4.Good land for farming

5.Protection from the Military


Ranchers to survive in the wild you will need the following

  • cows
  • horses
  • sheeps
  • axes
  • wagons
  • guns (ammo)
  • house (shelter)

Texas Natives

  • There were two tribes that were called the same but the only difference was that they labeled them different by the French and Spanish.
  • 1900 = U.S Census counted only 470 American Indians
  • 1990 = U.S Census count 65,877


  • Beat American troops in the Battle of The Alamo
  • Boarded by the USA
  • Know as one of the largest National Defense Army
  • September 16 , 1810 = Mexico won its independence
  • Mexican revolution through out (1910 -1921)

Physical Features of Texas

  • Mountains
  • Coastal area
  • Plains (not the ones you fly)
  • High plains
  • Mountain & basins
  • Central plains

So you wont get confused on the way here to Texas use this trail called " Santa Fe trail "