Earthquake Detector (地动仪)

David Young

When and who invented it?

zhang heng was an astronomer, mathematician, and engineer, geographer, and inventor who created this invention in AD 132, during the Han Dynasty.


Different inventions may have made its way to Europe is of course, through the Silk Road.The Silk Road was a network of routes, formally established during the Han Dynasty of China that linked China to Europe. It may have took so long for the invention to spread was because it was not necessary and earthquakes were not common. Also since the distance was so great, it took some time for the trade to actually occur. To add, people in the west gave credit to other Europeans, because most Europeans believed Chinese people were barbarians, mainly due to the Mongols, and many different European scholars tried to change the design and figure out how to make their own and improve on it.
3D Models Zhang Heng Seismoscope China 3D model from