Vote Reagan

Austin Nelson Alex Swanson

Presidential Requirements

35 years old

14 year resident

Natural born citizen

Salary and benefits

$550,000 as of 2001

Great Recreation

Personal Staff

Personal Transportation

Camp David

10 constitutional rights

  1. Execute the instructions of Congress
  2. Elected by the people
  3. Command of military
  4. Power to make treaties
  5. Appointments for Supreme Court
  6. Appointments for senate or the house
  7. State of the Union addresses
  8. Recommendations to congress
  9. Calling extraordinary sessions for congress
  10. Receiving foreign representatives
I believe that the most important power of the president is the command of the mi,Italy because it keeps the whole country safe.

Leadership qualities

1. Be unique

Without a unique president the country will not grow and improve

2. Be a decision maker

Don't be indecisive or it will lead to more debate than necessary in senate and the house

3. Good at conflict resolution

Without this there may be another Iraq war

4. Have a vision

Wants the count to grow and get better not stay where it is

5. Establish trust

Make the people trust the government so they do not turn against it

Six roles of the president

1. Chief of state

Representing the country to the entire world

2. Chief Executive

Leading the executive branch and carrying out standard presidential duties

3. Chief Administrator

Manages all of the government officials that are in the US

4. Chief Diplomat

Dealing with any major foreign affairs

5. Commander in Chief

Leads the military and has the power to declare a war against another nation

6. Chief Legislator

Helps writing bills and passing them to make them become law

How I would fix an issue

If I had to find one major way to reduce the national debt it would be by fixing the welfare system.

The welfare system is so messed up at the time that the government is giving people who aren't even trying to get a job free money. They need to reduce the amount given out to anybody who cannot prove that they are trying to get their life together. Also making people take mandatory drug tests to get the check because if people are on drugs they will use that ,ones for more drugs. And if people had to take a drug test to work why should the money they pay for others welfare just be given away to some drug addicts.

Powers I would use to fix this problem would be to add a rider to push the bill through congress and sign it in once the bill would get to me.