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Come to Nicaragua!

Nicaragua is a beautiful country rich in culture, traditions and food. The country is surrounded by the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea providing beautiful views. There is also rain forests and mountains where you can get tours. If feeling adventurous one famous sport is volcanic surfing, you can do this an so much more !


Ethnic Groups

The largest ethnic group in Nicaragua are the Mestizos consisting of 69% from the total population. A Mestizo is a mix of American Indian and European, usually Spanish, ancestry. 17% percent of the population is White,and 9% are Creoles.


'Hola" that is the way of saying hello, the official language of Nicaragua is Spanish. There are several other languages like Garifuna, Miskito, Rama and many others. Unfortunately some of the languages are going extinct due to the fact that new generations are learning only one language.


The dominant religion in Nicaragua is Roman Catholicism taking up 60% of the population. Along the coast, belongs Protestant Denomination the belief that the bible is the only source of truth . This religion has become stronger over the years. Most Roman Catholics believe in the afterlife, this is the belief that after death comes heaven; the passage to eternal life.

Customs and Traditions

Holidays and Festivals

Nicaragua is really strong in their holidays and festivals.Holidays is the time were families get together and enjoy being with one-another. Festivals are the time where absolutely everyone gets together, no one is a stranger, everyone bonds over their traditions and become one.

Music and Dances

Nicaraguans aren't really specific on what type of music they hear they enjoy all types of music. But, there is also Garitufuna music which is really popular around tourists. There is a variety of dance including Gueguense, TInco, Atabal and many more. They are mostly Spanish influenced.


Their food is really traditional.For foods corn is a very important ingredient. It can be used in many ways such as in drinks, dishes, soups, snacks and sweets.

Celebration: La Purisima:

La Purisima is the most important holiday in Nicaragua, it is celebrated for seven days around the 8 of December.It is celebrated for religious reasons. They celebrate the Holy Virgin Mary by singing songs and reciting prayers.



Men usually work in fields and factories, while women work at home. Some children help their families by farming. There is also some small self constructed businesses, most are small restaurants selling exotic or traditional food.


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