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September 9, 2018

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Thank you For Your Attendance at Back to School Nights!

We appreciate that almost every BSES student was represented at our Back to School Nights.

This is an amazing show of support that we greatly value. We look forward to another terrific school year! Thank you!

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all of our BSES Families Celebrating This Holiday!

Link to Bethel Springs Weekly Announcements on Website!

For your convenient reference, the weekly announcements will be archived on the school website. Simply go the Bethel Springs page on the district website ( and go to "Our School" and to the "Announcements" drop-down. Click on the particular weekly announcements you wish to view. Thanks!

School Calendar

The 2018-2019 calendar is linked on our website.

The link for the calendar "School Calendar" is in the drop-down menu under "Our School" on the Bethel Springs website.

New Attendance App

New Absence Reporting System
Launched at the end of the last school year, the new School Messenger (Safe Arrival) Absence Reporting System makes it easy for parents/guardians to report their child's absence, reduces the time it takes to verify student attendance and will allow our staff to respond to unexplained student absences more efficiently. Please click here for directions on how to use your phone, app, or computer to report an absence.

New Elementary Progress Report

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the new school year kicking off, we wanted to remind you about our new progress report starting this year. The GVSD elementary progress report is updated to reflect current trends in education. It remains anchored in a standards based reporting principle where students’ progress towards standards is indicated along with reporting on the Qualities of a Learner. The updated progress report enhances the Qualities of a Learner to reflect 21st century skills and updates academic indicators to be more accessible to students and parents/guardians. Characteristics of an ideal progress report were identified through research on assessment and best practice, examining samples from other districts, and by defining those qualities essential in our own district.

The recent updates were created to achieve different goals. The updated progress report provides more information to parent/guardians, has a consistent grade scale across K-5 via a new rubric, reflects elements of current instructional practices like reading workshop, and will include the level of books the student is reading.

Student progress on each Quality of a Learner and academic indicator will be reported using a 4-point rubric. This rubric is a departure from previously used state reporting language and intended to be more student-centered. The rubric was designed so that grades do not indicate the end of the learning progress. The student score on the rubric informs the student and parent/guardian of where the student currently is on a learning continuum.

A full description of the new progress report was included in the Elementary Handbook that was available through Family ID. It includes the Qualities of a Learner and the rubric. It can also be found on our website and through this link:

In the Elementary Handbook, the Introduction to the Progress Report begins on page 20. Teachers may reference this during Back to School presentations as well.

We look forward to seeing you at our Back to School Nights soon.

Thank you,

Mr. Piasecki, Mrs. Allen, & the BSES Staff

Turn In Your Summer Reading Logs By Wednesday, September 19 to Be Eligible for Our Raffle on Friday, September 21!

Please read the attached documents for information about summer reading expectations (and our summer reading raffle!):

Students entering K, 1, and 2 in September:

Student entering grades 1 and 2 are expected to read for at least 50 15-minute sessions.

Options for reading:

  • Student reads silently.
  • Student reads aloud to an adult/older sibling.
  • Adult/Older sibling reads to student.
  • Adult/Older sibling and student share the reading aloud.

After reading, discussing the story briefly is always helpful for building comprehension.

Students entering Grades 3, 4, 5 in September:

Students entering grades 3, 4, and 5 are expected to log at least 20 titles. These can be novels, non-fiction books, short stories, articles (print or on-line), or picture books. Engaging your child in a discussion of what he/she is reading is helpful in building comprehension.

Thank you!

Happy reading!

September "Back-to-School" Physical Fitness Challenge from Mrs. McCusker and Mr. Custer

Click link to download and/or print the September fitness challenge calendar shown below:

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Attention All Singers in 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades! Chorus Sign-ups Happening Now!

Please click the link below for information about Chorus:

Thank you!

Mrs. Adam

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Homeroom Parent/Classroom Photographer Forms: Forms are due by Friday September 14th!! This year we are accepting homeroom parent/classroom photographer forms electronically. We still have a few classes that are short volunteers for both positions, so if you have a child in the following classes please consider volunteering as a HRP/Class Photographer:


1st grade- Moschella

1st grade- Uniacke

2nd grade- Guidetti

3rd grade- Shaffer

4th grade- Durbin

4th grade- Neuber

5th grade- McLaughlin

5th grade- Reid

Class Photographer

1st grade- Moschella

1st grade- Uniacke

2nd grade- Brennan

2nd grade- Guidetti

3rd grade- Shaffer

3rd grade- Shearn

4th grade- Durbin

If you are interested in volunteering in either position please click on the attached link to find out about responsibilities and to fill out an application: Homeroom Parent/Classroom Photographer Form

Back To School Nights: Thanks to our awesome staff for hosting our back to school nights! We had some great volunteers from both Spiritwear and KidStuff Coupon Committees there to help out as well! Thanks to our Spiritwear Committee volunteers: Derek Lloyd, Cindy Burgy, Melinda Chiu, Sheri Dawson, Stephanie DerOhannessian, and Deana and Sarah Sigston. Thanks to our KidStuff Coupon Committee members for volunteering your time: Lora Barber, Carrie Douglas, Melissa Iannucci, Hema Kothari, and Chrissy Stuardi.

KidStuff Coupon Books: Our Kidstuff Coupon Book sale is underway. The sale will run from August 29th to September 30th. We hope you take the opportunity to purchase a book. BSES HSA will receive half of the proceeds from sales for this fundraiser! This will help fund many of our future events planned for this year including revamping the library! The book includes amazing discounts to many children's attractions, clothing stores, sporting goods & grocery stores and quickly pays for itself after a visit to places such as ACME or DICK's Sporting Goods. Along with the book, you'll receive access to the coupon app. This makes saving even more convenient.Please contact Lora Barber with any questions about the books:

For the most up to date information check the HSA Website: BSES HSA

Follow us on social media-


Twitter: @bseshsa1

Discover Greece!

This year our Art and Literature Fling will focus on Greece! Each week in our announcements we will include a fact about this fascinating culture that stretches back thousands of years and has had such incredible influence on the world. PLEASE SHARE THE WEEKLY FACT WITH THE KIDS! In May, around the time of our Art and Literature Fling, there will be an electronic quiz on the weekly facts sent home for families to complete. All families achieving a perfect score will have their names put in a prize basket raffle to be drawn at the conclusion of the Art and Literature Fling on Wednesday, May 28th (you'll have to be present to win)!

This week's fact:

The capital and largest city in Greece is Athens. Other major cities include Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion.

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V.E.F.L.S. (Voluntary Elementary Foreign Language Study) Registration Information

Is your child interested in foreign language study?

Click below for information regarding the VEFLS program held at Bethel Springs:
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Important Dates Coming Up!

September 10 Rosh Hashanah SCHOOL CLOSED

September 19 Yom Kippur SCHOOL CLOSED

October 8 Teacher In-service No school for students

October 12 Fall Picture Day

October 24 Grandriends Day Grade 3 10-11AM; Grade 1 12:15-1:15 PM; Grade 2 1:30-2:30

October 25 Grandfriends Day Grade 4 9:15-10:15; Grade 5 11 AM-12PM

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