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FMS 8th Grade Newsletter: For the Week of May 11 - 15

8th graders and Parents

We need your input. Each year the School Counseling Department has the 8th graders and their parents complete a questionnaire. We know our school year was cut short, but we would still like to receive feedback on the things we are doing well and things you feel we could improve upon. We look forward to hearing from you. Please click on the appropriate link for students and parents. This is also located in the school counseling portion of the Explo Smore. You will only need to complete this one time. We ask that you respond by May 8th

Thank You!

Mrs. Burfield and Mrs. Horstmeier

8th grade student questionnaire

8th grade parent questionnaire

Please make sure your 8th grader:

  • Checks email and Google Classroom Classwork daily
  • Responds to teachers weekly
  • Responds to the Google Form their Advisory teacher included in this newsletter. The link is directly below.

Please encourage your 8th Grader to do the following in their Google Classroom:


Directions and Examples loaded in Google Classroom)

We are changing it up a bit! Please continue to do the following items as we finish out the school year.

  • COVID 19 Journal (3-5x/week)

  • Independent Reading

  • Readworks

  • 8th Grade Scrapbook Writing activity (the next 2 weeks)

Math 8

Continue work in IXL. 8th graders that did not complete the Diagnostic should continue to do so. Those that did complete it can work on the "recommended skills."

Advanced Math

We are taking a break from our Choice Boards. This week students will work on IXL. They will need to go to “Diagnostic” once they are logged in. They will need to spend at least 15 minutes each day working on problems in the Diagnostic. Students won’t see this tab until they log in. If they did not get their log in information for IXL in an email, they need to reach out to Ms. Barkho.


Theme for the Week: Magnetic and Electric Forces

  • Review magnetic and electric forces on Legends of Learning. Sign in using your google account. The link to the site is posted on google classroom.

Social Studies

For this week, I want you to go outside and complete an activity. That activity can be anything, ranging from yard work, working with farm animals, playing a game outside, or just exploring. If you can, spend the entire day outside. When the day is over, reflect on what you did, and how it made you feel. Ask yourself questions like “Did I enjoy that activity?” “Do I feel accomplished?” “Do you feel better having been outside?” Anything along those lines. When you reflect, do so with someone in your household.

Extra Practice for Your 8th Grader:


  • Any assignments from previous weeks that are not completed.

  • No Red Ink

  • Ask for more articles on Readworks

  • Semantris



Legends Of Learning (Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy and Conservation of Energy)

Social Studies

  • Watch CNN10.com and keep up with the most current news.

  • Review The right to Protest.. Do you think protesters that are protesting the government shutdown have a right to?

Times to Connect with Your Teachers:

Email the Teacher:



Social Studies


How to Log in to Your Child's Googleclassroom