gender and identity

exploratin of rich hill's life


I think i am just a regular kid. in school im just a kid trying to get by. im just trying to learn a little something and get my doploma. At home i just hang out with friends . i dont really do any sports and i do not have a job. to my friends and my parents im stupid sometimes but i can be pretty smart when i wanna be. around some people im pretty ockwrad. usualy I just blend in.

in the play twelfth night viola is sevent to orsinio. she is trying to find love and mourn the death of her brother. she will be mourning for sevral years. she is desciused as a man to find work.


im a male that goes to high school. im not judged by my gender im judged by my personality. but there are certin expectations because of my gender. people think that guys have to be tuff 24/7.

viola is a female that is descuised as man so she can work. so again she is kinda bolth. seince women have a diffrent figure than men people think she is really femine for a man. that is why certen women find her so attractive. I think it gives her a advantage in life, but it also is a disavantage because she cant love men because of her discuise.


i belive people see me as someone thats diffrent. they see me as a persone that can be smart when they wanna be but acts dum sometimes. some people see me as a A hole because sometimes im pretty mean to people althoe most of the time i dont really mean what i say.

I belive that other charactters in twelfth night see viola as a sister. others see her as the love of there life. They see her as cecario a handsome man. so basicly she has two identitys. she is in love but she cannnot tell the other person because she is cecario.

similarities and differnces

a similarity between viola and myself is i have never fell in love withanyone and nobody has fell in love with me. a similarity is that for a wile i didnt know where my brother was. i have never had to discuse myself as a guy because i am one before so i guess thats a diffrence.