EL Happenings

Volume 2 Issue 6

Mrs. Kelley Elliott- High School Level 2

Students in Mrs. Elliott's class are getting ready to read Number the Stars. Before doing so, they are reading the non-fiction article, "The Girl Who Lived Forever" about Anne Frank and her famous diary in the magazine, Scope. To begin, the students did a think-pair-share where they compared their lives to that of Anne Frank. The students shared some powerful oral narratives with one another about having to hide for safety in Aleppo, Syria and in Malaysia. This type of questioning directly highlights the SIOP Feature, Concepts Linked to Student's Background Experiences, in the Component, Building Background. Students were able to better comprehend the article and the after-reading gallery walk because they were able to tap into their schemata.

Mr. Randyn Payne- 2nd Grade Math

Students in Mr. Payne's 2nd grade class are learning about data. They are learning how to interpret pictographs and also how to gather information to create their own. First students analyzed a pictograph together. Then students began to collect data about how many people lived in their households by having conversations with one another. Finally, students were to draw a graph that represented the number of family members in each students' household. These activities highlight the SIOP component, Practice and Application. Students were able to organize information, read about it, talk to partners, and explain to their teacher how they organized their charts. There was a mix of activities that integrated multiple language domains.

Miss Melinda Weiss- 8th Grade Level 2

Student's in Miss. Weiss' class are getting ready to start a project on welcoming younger grades to Perry Township! The students will be writing scripts and speaking in English and their native languages to help younger students acclimate to the new school environment. Ms. Weiss posed several questions about audience and purpose and had the students discuss their insights in a group and share out. Before moving on to any other questions, she recorded their answers on the board. This activity highlights the SIOP component Lesson Preparation. The students knew they were going to be discussing in groups in order to judge what would make their scripts best for the audience and purpose. They also had time to write and listen to one another as well.

The Cultures of Southport at SHS

We are excited to celebrate the second annual Cultures of Southport! We hope to see you out on Monday, February 19th from 4-7 p.m. at SHS. Thank you SHS EL!

IDOE EL Guidebook

Key points from Chapter 2 in the IDOE Guidebook 2017-18, “Identifying English Learners”: Indiana has established standardized statewide entrance procedures to identify and screen potential ELs based upon the accurate and timely administration of the Home Language Survey and the English language proficiency placement exam (WIDA Screener and the Kindergarten W-APT). Read to learn more about the guidelines to enroll first-time IN students and enroll transfer students from within IN.

English Learner Website

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