PCHC Spotlight

February 2016

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Reminders, News and Events:


● 10 - AACPS Early Dismissal

● Parents Night Out! (See Ms. Ashley for more information)

● 12 - Valentine’s Day parties (look for classroom sign-up sheets)

● 15 - AACPS closed for President’s Day ( PCHC open)

● 22- AACPS closed (PCHC open)

Happy Birthday! - February Birthdays

3- Peter M.

10- Terae R.

15- Leanna L.

21 - Gavin C.

28- Nikhil P.

Classroom Updates

Infant Classrooms A and B

A - For the month of February our theme is "Love". We will be talking about our feelings, showing our feelings, and our friends and families. Our sign language word for the month will be "Love" and our core sounds for the month will be "La" and "Da".

Some of the activities we will be doing include learning how we are feeling (happy face, sad face) and how to be a friend. We will also work on Valentine's cards and hugging a friend. We are very excited to start our new theme and our activities!

B- We would like to welcome our new teacher, Ms. Kenea to side B! Starting off a new month with hugs, kisses, and lots of love! For the month of February we will be learning about love, friendship, gentle touches, and being kind. Our new signs of the month will be, "I love you", and "happy". Our new core sounds for the month will be, "ma", and "da", and our new word for the month will be book.

Ms. AnnMarie and Ms. Kenea cannot wait to enjoy a very special new month with our beautiful children.

Ms. Liza and Ms. Kaitlynn – Infant A

Ms.AnnMarie and Ms. Kenea – Infant B


We are excited to welcome the month of February. We would like to welcome our new teacher, Ms. Bre! Ms. Bre is coming to our room from the infant room! We missed seeing her every day and we are glad to have her back!

Our theme for the month is friendship. We will focus on the color red and have fun looking around the room for the color red, creating red hearts with sponges, and playing in our sensory boxes. We will also be talking about friends and reading books about friends. The children will learn how friends use nice hands and use kind words toward each other. The shape we will focus on this month is heart.

Happy Valentine's Day and welcome Ms. Bre to the toddler room!

Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Bre


Our friends in the twos have exciting things planned for the month of February! We will focus on the letters C and D and our numbers for the month are 3 and 4. We are excited to work with pink and yellow for our colors and this month and our shape will be a heart.

The theme for February is “fun around town”. We will focus on fun activities and crafts about places we visit, money, safety and people we meet around town.

We will miss Ms. Jenni in the Twos room! We will be welcoming a new teacher to the Twos room soon!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Ms. Ashley E.


We would like to welcome our new teacher, Ms. Brienna to the Threes! Ms. Brienna has just moved to the area from Nebraska!

This month we will be wrapping up the unit on clothing with questions such as: where do we get our clothes from and how is clothing made. We will do many large group activities including beating drums and dancing to different rhythms of music. We will continue to exercise and make shapes out of our bodies and keep working on identifying and matching patterns.

For small group activities we will continue playing memory games with shapes. We will introduce poems by writing a poem about clothes. Some books of interest are Uncle Nacho’s Hat, Button Button Who’s Got the Button, Something From Nothing and, A pocket for Corduroy. To finish up the clothing unit we would like everyone to participate and wear your favorite outfit to school on Friday, February 19th.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our families!

Ms. Kim and Ms. Brienna


The new month brings a few new changes to our classroom. Our first change will be our area of study “Buildings”. Buildings will allow us to explore many concepts like building materials, shapes, and the people who construct the buildings or use the structures.

Along with changing our area of study we will be making changes to Show and Tell. Each Friday will be given a theme that will be announced and posted in the classroom ahead of time. By changing to a themed Show and Tell we hope to engage the children more in our areas of study.

We have also started a new incentive jar. The goal for our jar is to promote teamwork in the classroom. The class picked their own incentives, and our top goal is an Ice Cream Party. Each time the class works together to transition and clean up quickly we will then add a pom-pom to the large jar. There are a few different incentive levels the class can meet as long as they work together. So far - we are seeing progress and everyone is doing a great job!

Ms. Alicia, Ms. Mellissa and Ms. Alanna

School Age - Homework Center

Brrrrr…..February is here and we will be focusing on “winter”! We would also like to welcome Ms. Kelly to the School Age room! We are so excited to have her here to help us with our homework and to help plan fun activities for us! Some of the exciting things planned for this month are snow dough, tracking the temperature, pinecone science experiments and playing Minute To Win It! Moving through the month we will continue to focus on our reading skills. Each child will bring in a book of their choice, and read for 15 minutes.

On Friday the 12th we will have our Valentine’s Day party please look for our sign up sheet, located outside the classroom, if you would like to contribute to our party. So many things, so little time...let’s start our month off with a bang!

Ms. Ashley, Ms Alexis, Ms. Alanna and Ms. Kelly

Contact Information

Danielle and Todd Lofland - Owners

443-286-3651 - dlofland@pasadenachildcare.com

Mia Lane - Director of Operations


Lauren Ghaemi - Director of Education


Ashley Burlock - Assistant Manager