Beauty on the Inside

CE90 Assignment by Mason R.

Try asking yourself a question along the lines of "how am I beautiful?"

Even though modern day standards and media put specific appearance criteria for men and women, true beauty rests on the inside. Truly beautiful people appreciate who they and others are, and respect beliefs and opinions. They don't shape themselves to make others happy, and beautiful people are confident with who they are. How are you beautiful?

"How can Jesus reach others though me?"

Jesus was accepting and forgiving. So in turn, be accepting and merciful to others as well. Have a good heart, be kind to everyone you meet, pray for others, be considerate. These are all ways you can let Jesus reach others through yourself.

"How do I care for my body?"

To take care of your body is very simple, actually. First off, don't conform to impossible beauty standards set by media and such. Be yourself, and be confident with who you are. Eat healthy and stay in good condition, as well as going out and being active in your daily life. Get some fresh air and maybe even take part in community programs. Beautiful people be who they really are, who God made them to be.

"How may I grow and change in the future to become the person God wanted me to become?"

Ask yourself this, and think hard. What does God want in us? He wants us to be merciful, and to be kind, and compassionate, and giving, and thankful, and committed. God wants us to be who he made us to be. Don't allow others to change your life for the way they think is better for you. You know what's best for you, and that best is to change into the greatest you can be.