Transition Plus

A New Year...a fresh start and infinite possibilities!!!!!

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A new year brings new beginnings. I hope all are refreshed and revitalized as you return to a Fresh new calendar year. We have some cold days ahead of us but the days are getting longer! As we move forward let us stay focused on our mission - To promote students' successful transition from high school to adult life and our vision- To provide learning experiences that help students achieve meaningful work and home lives as full members of the community.

Let us all continue to work together to create opportunity for student success. I appreciate each of you and see us all as having a vital part in student achievement. It is so important you are here. With the winter months often come illness, please remember to take care of yourselves so you can take care of others.

Guidelines for Requesting Special Education Interpretation and Translation:

Due to a vacancy for a bilingual Spanish interpreter on the SPED/EL team, contracted service providers may be used for interpreting meetings.

Please Follow these Guidelines:

The Special Education/English Learners Team (SPED/EL) provides interpretation and translation for ALL students in Federal Settings III & IV. Schools are required to provide their own interpretation and translation in Hmong, Somali and Spanish for students in Federal Settings I & II (i.e., Resource, Speech only students).

The SPED/EL team provides interpretation and translation for all students in special education whose home language is a language other than Hmong, Somali and Spanish.

To request an interpreter for a meeting, you must submit an online request.

Confirmation of the interpreter will be made once an interpreter is assigned to the case.

Please submit online interpreter requests at least two weeks in advance and PWN translation requests at least one week in advance. Use the link below to access the online forms. Thank you!

Mental Health Team

The Mental Health Team at T Plus consists of the school social workers, psychologists, counselor, and the community school collaborative. They've created this team as a way of combining efforts to support staff and students on their mental wellness journey.

They will continue to add self-care tips to the Monday memos and are seeking other ways to support T Plus. They will be sending out a survey to ask for your ideas; please watch for this in the coming weeks.

We hope you've had a rejuvenating winter break and look forward to collaborating with you in 2018!

Important! Read! Bring to the Staff Meeting

What is a component/class of T Plus you wish we had more of, or doesn’t currently exist?

Teachers - survey your advisories and ask your students. Remind them we are a transition program and ask them what they need to be more successful as they move into the adult world?

If you are an ESP/SEA and want to contribute, please give to your teacher before Tuesday - We will be looking at this at the licensed staff meeting.

Please write down responses on a post it note for the Licensed Staff Meeting

Professional Development Days

All staff will be participating in the professional development day on January 25th.

It is an option for the administrator to substitute the ESP PD day on January 26th for Site PD on January 26th. Because we value our staff as being a whole and getting all of the same information together we have created this opportunity for our ESP staff to join in with the licensed staff.

The morning will include a keynote with Dr. Keith Mayes and the afternoon will involve Social Emotional Learning 101 and team time between ESPs and Licensed staff

This Week at T- Plus

Tuesday --------Licensed Staff Meeting- be sure to prepare!

Friday -----------PSWE Meeting

---------------------CBI Friday