All About Me

By Brooke Rynkar

Learning Style

I work best in both group and one on one teaching styles. I didn't have the best experience in science last year. So i'm really excited to see whats in store for me in this class.

Ethnic/ Cultural Background

My grandpa is 100% Irish, so that makes me about 25%. That explains why I have squinty eyes and why I will never reach the top self.


I am extremely afraid of the idea of losing someone that I love. I also have a phobia of spiders and snakes.

I am good at ...

Competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, lyrical dancing. (:

Something you should know about me is..

I enjoy watching football and basketball. I am a huge Chicago bears and bulls fan. <3

Bucket list

1. Go to England

2. Make a difference in someones life.

3. Be in two places at once.

4. Sky dive

5. Become a special ed teacher

6.Meet Taylor swift

7.Meet Justin Bieber

8.Create a new skittle favor

9.Get my braces off !

10.Go on a mission trip