Act 2, Scene 5

Jennifer Lima


In this Scene Juliet is anxious about what Romeo said about them getting married. When Juliet asks what Romeo said the nurse starts stalling and Juliet starts getting annoyed because the nurse is to busy complaining about being old and tired. Finally the nurse gives in and tells Juliet that Friar Lawrence has agreed to marry them. But Juliet should go to the church saying she's going to confession. In this scene it shows a mother-daugther relationship between the Nurse and Juliet.

Key Characters:

Relationship between the song and play

The Nurse is like Juliet's real mom because she raised her and kept good care of her. Also to see her baby all grown and letting her get married is a big thing.In the song it talks about a mother's relationship between her daughter. It also says how her man would promise to be faithful and love her the same way Romeo told the Nurse about Juliet.
Carrie Underwood - Mama's Song
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