Helen Stephens

By Kameryn Bishop

Who Was Helen Stephens

Helen was born on February 3rd, 1918. She lived in Fulton, Missouri. Her mother was Bertie Mae, father Frank, brother Robert Lee. She attended a one room middle school. She got sick and died December 1993.

What Did She Do?

Helen was the first woman to create a professional basketball team. She ran a 100 meter race in 11.5 seconds. She was important because she was the 2nd fastest runner in the world, not in the Olympics. We honor her because she is in the Hall Of Fame in Missouri, because she was a famous runner. She was in the Olympics.

Impact On The World

She made the world a better place because she made people want to run and be healthy, and she made it fair to women so they could play all sports. She made the world less mean more nice. She made people healthy.

Should We Try To Be More Like Her?

Should we try to be more like her

We should be more like her because she was healthy, kind, and helping. We should it be were all women can play all sports if they want to.

Additional Information

She also played golf, and bowling. She joined the red head basketball team. She got paid to work in the Navy library. She was a really famous runner.
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