New features in Google Classroom

WHPS Tech Tip

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Google Classroom keeps getting better!

  • There are lots of great new features for Fall 2018!

  • Import Google Forms quiz grades. Teachers can assign a Google Forms quiz and automatically import grades to the Student Work page.

  • Create individualized posts. Make posts viewable for the entire class, or differentiate announcements, questions, and assignments.

  • Teachers can now get a list of all work by a student in a class. Students can see a list of all their work for a class in one place. Teachers and students can filter the list by assignment status or grade.

  • Teachers and students can reorder their classes on the Classroom home page.

  • Teachers can use decimal grades for grading.

  • When inviting students to a class, teachers can display the class code in full screen. Administrators and teachers can transfer ownership of classes to another teacher.