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After years of preforming in festivals all over the world, studio recording and teaching, I decided to build this school, in order to achieve the best drums lessons.
You'll find here two professional drum sets, fully equipped (I also use this drum sets for preforming and recording, so be assure that you get the best).
I also have here a computer filled with music from every period and genre, and professional headsets that are stretched to drums. So after every subject that we are learning, we can play along the music, and experience a professional drummer situations (playing concerts and recording).
Roy Oliel Sextet - Vamp (live at levontin7)

Come and be the best drummer you can!!!

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About Roy Oliel

At the young age of five, Roy Oliel began playing the piano. His talent was evident and in no time he was performing various concerts, from classical music to pop. When Roy turned eleven he fell in love with the drums and quickly they became his main instrument.

Playing for the fun of it with friends, Roy joined his high school band, where his interest in Jazz flourished. He explored the genre studying alone by listening and transcribing music from jazz giants from all areas.

In a short time he was playing jazz gigs and became recognized in the local jazz scene. After he graduated high school, Roy attended the 'Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music’ where he undertook advanced lessons in performance, arrangement and composition in Jazz and Classical music. He graduated with excellence and so began his professional career.

Today Roy is one of Israel’s most hard working and appreciated drummers, working extensively throughout the country’s flourishing Jazz scene and also at international festivals. In Israel Roy has played the Red Sea, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Jazz festivals and reaching beyond that he has traveled to South Africa for the Grahamstown Jazz Festival, Azerbaijan for the Baku Jazz Festival and also played the Nairobi Culture Week in Kenya.

Inspired by Chick Corea's 'Origin', Roy set out to form his own jazz band, which has since been very successful. ‘The Roy Oliel Sextet' released their debut album in 2008, Introducing Roy Oliel Sextet. The band currently performs regularly in Israel's jazz clubs, receiving praises from both the crowd and critics. At the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, the sextet played to a sold out crowd and gained a great fan base.

The sextet’s unique sound draws its influence from greats such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker and many more. Roy writes all the compositions and arrangements, putting his life experiences into all of his music. His mixture of various genres and world influences has created a well-blended sound, which receives great reviews and love from audiences.

The Roy Oliel Sextet had just published their highly anticipated second album after receiving a funding grant from Israeli Department of Culture.

Roy is a versatile, rare and highly talented drummer. He has played with several groups in his career and leaves most musicians calling him back for more. Here are just a few of Roy’s playing credits:

Eddie Gomez

Jeff Berlin

Frank Gambale

The Tel Aviv Jazz Orchestra

Ilan Salem Quartet

Amikam Kimelman 'Human Factory'

Shay Maoz Quartet

The Dreaming Elephants