The Art of Advertising

Will Crowley

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Ad #1- Burger King Whopper

This Ad shows a freshly grilled Burger King Whopper, in its best, mouth watering form possible. The Ad is trying to appeal to no one in particular, it just wants people that see the ad in a magazine or on a website, to crave a Whopper. The ad could appeal to a person because it shows a large, almost perfect burger just waiting for them at a Burger King location. This kind of appeal is through sight and light because the Ad is very bright to catch one's attention, and of course, the picture of the burger. This Ad also says, "50 years of flame broiled perfection," Which in a way contributes to the story in the ad. It shows that the company has been going on for 50 years, so the burger must be good. Also, the words, "Flame broiled" give a "backyard cookout" feel. The ad uses one main need-the need to satisfy your hunger. I think if someone who had never experienced fast food before saw this ad, they would believe it in a second. This is because of the visual elements, the upbeat feel of the ad, the savory burger in the middle, and the descriptive text at the top. Even so, this type of ad has been rendered useless, since most people already know what the burger actually looks, and tastes like.

Ad #2- Volvo Truck TV commercial

Jean-Claude Van Damme Does a Split between Two Moving Volvo Trucks
This commercial is trying to appeal to companies who need to buy or replace their shipping trucks. I know this because they show off how smoothly they drive, to the point that a person is able to balance on the rear view mirrors while the trucks move backwards. This ad definitely appeals the consumer because of that reason, how stable they are. The truck drivers want a truck that gives them a smooth ride on long trips, and very precise handling. This ad showed that these trucks have the best ability when it comes to those categories and uses more of a demonstration then a story to stun the audience. It takes place on a road, with two Volvo trucks side by side with a man balancing on the rear view mirrors. As the video goes on, the trucks move apart until the man is doing a full split. He doesn't stumble or risk a fall the entire time. This advertisement shows the need for a truck driver to have a smooth and easily handled ride on their trips across the nation. I believe that this video shows the handling and steadiness of the vehicle, while stunning the crowd with an impressive stunt. Visual elements like the lighting, a clear Volvo logo, and the gold colored trucks seal the deal. If I was an owner of a shipping company, I would definitely consider this truck as one of my top choices.

Ad #3- McDonalds "Cutie"

McDonald's: Happy Meals – Who doesn't love a Cutie?
McDonalds has always been viewed as an unhealthy restaurant by many parents over the years that it has existed. This ad is trying to change that assumption by showing its more healthier options for kids. McDonalds is trying to appeal to the parents and kids alike, showing how they now carry clementines, and that the kids on the commercial love them. It uses some important visual components, like smiling, happy kids, a fresh clementine, and just an overall warm feeling during the ad. The ad is set in a home where kids are opening happy meals. All of the kids become overjoyed when they find clementines in their meals. The need shown in this ad is for parents to give their children something convenient and healthy to eat. This is shown by the easy to get happy meal and a fresh fruit choice. I think the ad could definitely connivence some parents that McDonalds has now become a healthier eating option for their kids.

Ad #4- KFC "Outraged Kids"

KFC Popcorn Nuggets "Outraged Kids" Commercial
KFC uses this ad as a way to connivence kids to beg their parents to eat there. It is appealing to children because the ad displays other kids mad at their parents for not telling them about the chicken sooner. The child at home thinks, "If all those kids like those things so much, then I will too." Some of the visual elements include a clearly shown KFC symbol and lots of kids holding pop corn chicken. The plot of this is ad is a bunch of kids who are furious at their parents for not telling them about KFC's popcorn chicken. They say some pretty funny things like,"These don't even come with a toy, and I don't care. The need to satisfy one's hunger in the most delicious way. Like many of the commercials directed at kids, this one works best with gullible kids, not so much with parents. What I do like about the ad is that they take a jab at other companies, saying that these don't even come with a toy, or that they aren't shaped like dinosaurs and they still taste better.

Ad #5- McDonalds "loose change"

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One dollar = fries. This ad would most likely appeal to someone who was low on cash at the moment, but wanted something to eat. The McDonalds "loose change" menu features many items that fit that description. The ad shows a dollar with an equal sign made out of loose change, and a bag of crisp, golden brown fries. The ad has little text, and is made to get its point out clearly and quickly. It is a bright ad ,with contrasting colors and a large McDonalds logo. There is not much story, the ad just shows how one get a snack with just 2 coins. This ad solves the need to find a quick, convenient, and cheap snack through your long and busy day. I think that this ad is a keeper. It makes people realize that just that loose change sitting in the front console of their car could buy them some fries or a burger. Chances are, more people are going to pull off the exit and use that loose change then before.

Ad #6- Chick-Fil-A "Missing Cow"

Missing Cow
This appeals to anyone who gets the joke, so mostly everyone over the age of 5 or so. A cow sees a person eating a hamburger, and points to a sign that says, "lost cow." It could make someone who cares about cows want to eat somewhere else, but it is more of a joke then a serious point. Some of the visual aspects are things like messy handwriting on the paper, as if a cow wrote it, and a person who looks guilty while eating a hamburger. The story is set out through multiple commercials, its pretty much just cows catching people eating beef. These are used more to amuse the audience. The ad exploits a need to not satisfy your hunger with a cow, but more with a chicken. The ad, in my opinion, is more amusing then actually convincing, but I think that Chic- Fil- A new that it was going to end up like that from the start.