jose limon

by graham

the birth of a star

Jose limon was born in 1908 to Florencio and Francisca limon in mexico on January twelfth.
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the escape

in 1910 fist Jose only 2 years of age the Mexican war had them in danger so they seeked residence in other cities such as Hermosillo and nogales.

in 1915 they moved from mexico to Tucson, Arizona and later to Las Angeles where he graduated high school in 1926 and whent to colledge for two years at the university of california.

he later moved to new York where he saw a dance performance and was inspired to be a dancer against his learning at UCLA.


his choreography is mainly made based of of historic events.

his last choreography carlota was made based on Maximilian's rule over mexico fall and his wife's reaction to it and her spiral into insanity.

the more's pavane was probably his most popular piece and it was based off of the tragedy Othello by Shakespeare.

modern dance

modern dance was created mostly by jose limon and doris humphrey and was made as and altered version of ballet with instead of together they used parralel