Carnival Pride

Ship Travel and Days in Cruise

The ship will travel from the Baltimore to Bahamas on March 12, 2017 to March 19, 2017 .The Carnival Pride will be on 7 day cruise

Four Interesting Facts

  • The Carnival Pride has a capacity of 2124 people
  • The length of the Carnival Pride is 963 feet
  • There are 930 onboard crews
  • The Carnival Pride has onboard dinners and onboards activities

Travelers? Prices?

The types of travelers that would come on this cruise would be a family type, coming with your whole family to have a good time and to be together.

Prices for rooms:

The traveler? Cabins?

Most likely a family would go on this cruise because there is so much stuff to do on this cruise. There are 4 types of cabins on this cruise, Interior which would cost $639, Ocean view will cost $679, the Balcony that cost $769 and the best cabin on the cruise is Suite that would cost $1289.