Mobile Apps for the Classrooms

Apps for the K-12 Classes

App #1: OnPoint's Digital Cell Cast

This mobile app allows teachers to create and deliver mobile content to user's phones. They can also track progress of projects, quizzes, and tests. Click HERE to see the website.

App #2: ClickaTell

This app allows teachers to generate and send out a large amount of SMS messages to their students' cell phones. This could be used to send out reminders to students and/or parents.

App #3: mobl21

This mobile learning app can be used to create flashcards, study guides and quizzes. It allows students to work at their own pace and access the content at any time on their personal devices.
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App #4: MobiSiteGalore

This app allows teachers to create and publish a mobile website that can be seen on any mobile phone! Students can visit the class' site, or create one of their own. Click HERE to see the app's website.

App #5: PollEverywhere

This app allows students to answer questions in silence, or speak up if they are shy. The question can be accessed using mobile phones.
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