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Fall Newsletter for Families 2020

From the Principal

We are getting close to being in school for one month already! This means that curriculum work in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies is underway. As we all know, our learning time each day looks a little bit differently than in previous years. However, we are still learning five days per week. Good school habits like sleeping on a regular schedule, having a quiet at home work space, being on time to virtual meetings on Zoom/Meet, staying organized, and completing tasks assigned in Google Classroom are a critical part of being successful this year. Your student(s) learning time at home - whether hybrid or 100% virtual - is very important!

Parents, please read the following reminders about virtual meetings and help us in maintaining a classroom environment during virtual meetings. First, we strongly suggest that you set up a work space for your student where his/her back is against the wall and that students use earbuds/headphones during virtual meetings. This will help limit distractions for the student and help in preventing music, conversations, or any other activity going on behind the student from being a distraction to your student or the class. Thank you for your help with keeping all of our students focused.

Recently, students were given the STAR math and reading tests. Teachers will be analyzing this information in order to determine how to best support your student. The tests will be administered in January and May as well.

Lastly, we are excited to be back to learning! I had the opportunity to visit all of our classrooms, both in the building and virtual classrooms, and our teachers and students are ready to learn. This year may be different, but we are going to work hard and work together to make it a great year!

Please contact your student's teacher, or the main office, if you have questions or concerns.

Your continued support and commitment to our Fiedler Falcons is appreciated!


Kristina Cummings


COUNT DAY is Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 7th is Count Day in Michigan. It is very important that all students attend their Zoom or Google Meet meetings on Wednesday and that all students complete any assignments/activities given in class. We appreciate your help in getting all of our students counted!

Picture Day

Picture day is coming up soon! All students will have their picture taken for the yearbook. However, if you would like to purchase pictures, information was sent home. If you need a new flyer, please call the main office.

Hybrid Students

Blue Group - Monday, October 12

Gold Group - Tuesday, October 13

100% Online Students

October 12 - 4th grade - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

October 13 - 5th grade - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Our next meeting will be October 15th at 5pm. The plan is to meet at the Dowdall pavilion.

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Looking for Fiedler's Announcements? You can find them on a student Chromebook! When your student logs in, there will be a tab at the top. Click on that tab an watch the announcement slide show. The announcement slides are also on the Fiedler Elementary page of the district web site.

Ways to Make Your Child’s School Year Successful!

The new school year is under way and what a year it is! I am thrilled to be your child’s school counselor at Fiedler Elementary. I work with all students providing classroom counseling lessons, small groups and individual counseling. I also service Armstrong Middle School and help with the students’ transition to middle school. Your child will see me teaching in and out of their classroom as we grow socially and emotionally throughout the school year. Here are my monthly counseling topics and activities:

September- Keeping the Be Code (Tips for a successful year/school expectations; Principal, Counselor and PBiS in class visit)

Making adjustments & coping with changes (Google classroom lessons)

October- Emotional Awareness (Coping skills, identifying emotions in class lesson)

Digital Citizenship (Google classroom lesson)

November- Celebrating Diversity & Differences (Acceptance, empathy in class lesson)

Growth Mindset & Mindfulness (Google classroom lessons)

December- Gratitude (Google classroom lesson)

January- Habits of Happy Kids (Google classroom lessons)

February- Counseling small groups being facilitated

March- Perseverance (Identifying heroes, goal setting in class lesson)

April- Purpose (Exploring dreams, career awareness in class lesson)

May- Courage (5th grade Middle school transition in class lesson)

Personal Safety (4th grade in class lesson)

School wide Kindness Month activities

You are your child’s first teacher and can help make their school year a successful one by setting the stage for learning. Below are some tips to help create this success for both hybrid and virtual learners.


Ø Develop simple routines for smooth, stress-free mornings and afternoons. Children love to have routines. It makes them feel safe, secure and confident.

Ø Talk to your child about organization. Empower them to get ready for school the night before where they set out their clothes, charge their Chromebook and organize their school materials.

Ø Discuss with them what their morning routine will be.

Ø After school, set another routine. Ask your child what they did during their day; ask what their “high” and “low” was (favorite and least favorite part of their day). This will help to open up healthy lines of communication.

Ø Create a distraction free spot in the house for your child to work online. This is extremely important for this school year.


Ø Teach your child responsibility by helping them get organized.

Ø Make sure your child always has needed materials.

Ø Have your child review and show you their Google classroom.

Ø Check your child’s work before they submit it in Google classroom making sure nothing is turned in with blank slides.


Ø Ensure that your child goes to school virtually and face to face for hybrid students each and every day ready to learn. School is FIVE days a week! Write down all of your child’s ZOOM/Google Meet meetings and make it visible for you and your child.

Ø Teach and encourage your child to practice proper online etiquette and virtual meeting behavior. (i.e. cameras are on, screen is in speaker view only, sitting up straight, looking at camera, materials close by etc.)

Ø Take care and have your child’s Chromebook charged and ready to go every morning.

Ø Speak positive to your child about school and their teachers. Your attitude toward learning will send a powerful message to your child. Be their cheerleader by encouraging and praising their efforts.

Ø See to it that your child gets between 9-10 hours of sleep every night so they feel rested and alert. Have your child go to bed around the same time every night.

Please feel free to call and/or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Let’s make it a great year! “Good things happen, when you make them happen.” GO Fiedler Falcons!

Mrs. Michele Eggleston, MA, LLPC, SCL

Fiedler School Counselor

Ph: (810) 591-1212; e-mail:

Counseling Google Classroom Invite Code: 4g63thk (please make sure your child is enrolled!)

PBiS Happenings

Student of the Week is starting! Teachers will be looking for students who are following the B-Code, attending their Zoom/Google Meet meetings, and turning in all work both at school and online. The PBiS Express Cart will be making stops at each classroom to reward students nominated by the teacher. Online students who are nominated will receive their prize via mail.

PBiS is going virtual! In keeping up with the times, Fiedler Elementary has created a Virtual PBiS Classroom. This classroom is a place that students can go to have a brain break. This is a different year and many students may get frustrated throughout the day. If you see this happening at home, let them take a 10 minute brain break in the PBiS Virtual Classroom. This should help them refocus so they can continue learning. Class Code: 3u32iih