Copyright and Fair Use

christina ponce

copyright and fair use

Copyright is a legal means of establishing ownership of am inellectual property. It means that the owner of a creative work has the legal right to restrict who may copy the work.

Fair use is generally limited to educational copying and is very limited in the commercial or business world.

Fair use rules

The Fair Use Rules for Media,Text, Music, Songs, and Lyrics:

Media: up to 10% or 3 minutes whichever is less of the total piece.

Text: up to 10% or 1000 words which ever is less of the total piece of the text material.

An entire poem in less than 250 words may be used. But no more than three poems by one poet or five poems by different poets from antholgy may be used.

For poems of greater length 250 words may be used but no more than three excerpts by a poet or five excerpts by different poets from a single anthology may be used.

Music, Lyrics, and Music videos: up to 10% but in no event more than 30 seconds of the music and lyrics from an individual music work.

Illustrations and Photography: Photographs or illustrations may be used in its entirely but no more than 5 images by an artist or photographer.

When using photographs or illustrations from a published work not more than 10% or 15 images which ever is less may be, reproduced otherwise incorperated as part of an educational multimedia project.